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The Searching for Steely Dan Quiz

Part A:

Questions 1-17 are quotes from chapters in the book Searching for Steely Dan, that allude or suggest a Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, or Walter Becker song. Answer with the song title.

1. Prologue: That outfit sure looks good on you

2. Chapter 4: He planned to find the time

3. Chapter 7: Stroke of midnight

4. Chapter 8: Memories rush over me

5. Chapter 12: People were lined up around the block

6. Chapter 15: Maybe he'll dive out the fourteenth floor window

7. Chapter 17: Two flights of twisted stairs

8. Chapter 22: Act natural, like you don't care

9. Chapter 24: You better step back, son

10. Chapter 31: Perfection and grace

11. Chapter 36: I'm way deep into nothing sprecial

12. Chapter 39: You won't suck me in this time

13. Chapter 40: Close your eyes and you'll be there

14. Chapter 41: I'm way too dumb, sometimes

15. Chapter 43: You're scraping bottom, girl

16. Chapter 48: Unless I'm totally wrong

17. Epilogue: Soaking up the vertical rays

18. One setting used in the book is The Future condominiums. Is this a real place? If so, where (address)?

19. The Rolling Stone magazine article "Return of the Dark Brothers" appeared in what issue (date and / or issue number).

20. Cafe Indulge (2nd Avenue), Nino's Restaurant (1st Avenue), Friend of the Farmer (Irving Place), and Curry Leaf (Lexington Avenue) are all restaurants mentioned in the book. Of the four, which ones are still open?


Part B: Plain old trivia questions from that place and time

21. The CD "Two Against Nature" was released on February 29, 2000. What other New York Show Business announcement occurred on that same day?

22. March 7, 2000 was "Super Tuesday." Which Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls were the consensus winners of the multi-state primary elections that day?

23. Albert Finney was the male lead of a movie that opened March 17, 2000. What was the name of the movie?

24. On March 26, 2000, which movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture?



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