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Rick Goeld


Rick Goeld is the author of novels "Sex, Lies, and Soybeans" and "Searching for Steely Dan," and the non-fiction "People of Windsor Mountain." In his own words:

First, the dull part: I was born in New York City, and grew up in Miami, Florida. I loved the South Florida lifestyle - fishing, boating, and swimming - so, to teach me a lesson, my parents exiled me to a boarding school in Western Massachusetts. After graduating from progressive and left-wing-leaning Windsor Mountain School, I earned engineering degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University, and then went into the field of high-tech electronics. I was a nerd, with slide rule, pocket protector, and coke-bottle glasses.

I gradually outgrew my nerdiness. Encouraged by my wife, I learned some social skills. Against all odds, I slithered up the corporate ladder and, employing smoke and mirrors whenever possible, I became a vice president at two different companies.

A few years ago, the corporate flunkies got tired of my act and put me on the street. I asked myself: Self, what should I do next? Since my main interests were sex, sports, reading fiction, sex, old-time rock-and-roll, classic movies, and sex, I decided to become a writer. I started out writing short stories, but you've got to be "literary" to get short stories published, and, anyway, there's no money in them, so ... I decided to write novels.

My first novel was "Searching for Steely Dan," in which I parlayed my own near-obsession with Steely Dan and my son's misadventures in New York into a sensitive, touching, and compelling coming-of-age story. Eddie Zittner, my protagonist, is a 29-year-old Jersey boy with no job, no ambition, and a failing marriage. His near-obsession with The Dan prompts his wife to dump him. Eddie takes to the sidewalks of Manhattan, searching for answers, searching for inspiration, searching for ... well, read the book.

My second novel, "Sex, Lies, and Soybeans," is a sexy techno-romp - whatever that means - with a timely message about the evils of genetically engineered food. This story takes place in a near-future where soy has become the world's primary source of protein, and the Soy Industry has become the world's most powerful food consortium. When a beautiful Texas State Senator blocks soy-industry-sponsored legislation, lobbyists decide to twist a few arms - or worse - to change her mind. This book is loaded with things I'm interested in: sex, political deception, old-time rock-and-roll, sex, beautiful women, off-the-wall characters, sex, references to classic movies, screeching plot twists, and, did I mention sex?

Since my novels had only limited success, I decided to try non-fiction. My third book, "People of Windsor Mountain," combines a history of the school with the personal stories of a couple of dozen alumni and former-faculty. It began as an investigation; of me trying to answer the question: "What happened to the other 46 members of my 1963 graduating class?" I found that too limiting, so I broadened my scope, eventually interviewing more than 100 people. It became a labor of love.

My wife and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our three grown children have been replaced by three dogs who behave better than the kids ever did. 


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